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young girl in speech therapy

Breaking Sound Barriers: AI and Speech Pathology

The gift of speech is a miracle that speech-language pathologists help deliver every day. Language is the basis of human communication. It’s how connections are formed, how knowledge is absorbed, how needs are made known. For most people, understanding just …

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Speech therapist working on communication disorder with young girl

What Can You Do with a Communication Disorders Degree?

Communication Disorders Major – Answering the Question: What Is a Degree in Communication Disorders All About? A communication disorders degree program teaches students a basic understanding of speech, language, and hearing processes. Graduates with a degree in communication disorders know …

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Pediatric speech pathologist working with young patient and father

Your Complete Guide to Becoming a Pediatric Speech Pathologist

Many children struggle with communication disorders. Having a speech impediment such as stuttering, lisping, muteness, or a delay is not uncommon as children develop. Disorders involving cognitive-communication abilities, swallowing, and voice also affect children. Pediatric speech-language pathologists, or SLPs, are …

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