Speech-Language Pathology Salary in Virginia

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics provides a detailed salary analysis for speech-language pathologists in Virginia’s major cities as of 2015:

Area name
Annual mean wage
Blacksburg-Christiansburg-Radford VA
Charlottesville VA
Harrisonburg VA
Lynchburg VA
Richmond VA
Roanoke VA
Staunton-Waynesboro VA
Virginia Beach-Norfolk-Newport News VA-NC
Winchester VA-WV
Southwest Virginia nonmetropolitan area
Southside Virginia nonmetropolitan area

Several Areas of Virginia Pay Extremely High Wages to SLPs

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that speech-language pathologists in Staunton-Waynesboro earned the 5th highest average salary in the country in 2015. SLPs in this metropolitan area earned an average salary of $102,540 ($49.30 hourly).

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In addition, speech-language pathologists in the nonmetropolitan area of Southside Virginia earned the highest average salary in the country of SLPs in any rural area. These professionals earned an average salary of $97,730 ($46.99 hourly).

Rapid Job Growth for Speech-Language Pathologists in Virginia

The Virginia Employment Commission predicts that the number of jobs for speech-language pathologists will increase by 28.4% between 2014 and 2024. This rate of increase is notable for two reasons:

  • It is 35% higher than that nationally
  • Job growth for SLPs in Virginia is 2.78-fold higher than that of jobs on average

The Commission also predicts that an average of 165 jobs a year will become available between 2014 and 2024.

Nearly 8,000 Virginia Organizations Employ Speech-Language Pathologists

With the help of Infogroup®, the US Department of Labor provides a highly detailed analysis of all of the businesses, schools, and non-profit agencies that employ SLPs in Virginia. They identified 7,997 such organizations in a large number of industries. The major types of employers are shown below:

  • Schools: 3399
  • Physical Therapists: 1482
  • Home Health Services: 1337
  • Hospitals: 360
  • Speech Pathologists: 249
  • Nursing and Convalescent Homes: 206
  • Religious Schools: 167
  • Medical Centers: 111
  • Health Care Facilities: 107
  • Hospices: 107
  • Audiologists: 75

Organizations that focus on speech-language pathologists and employ at least 10 people are shown below. Not all of their employees are necessarily SLPs, and these organizations may not be currently hiring:

  • Annandale: Skill Builders, LLC
  • Charlottesville: Rector & Visitors—The University of Virginia
  • Charlottesville: University of Virginia Curry School
  • Christiansburg: Professional Rehabilitation
  • Danville: Piedmont Regional Feeding
  • Falls Church: Building Blocks Therapy
  • Farmville: Progressive Therapy, Inc.
  • Mc Lean: Speech & Language Center-Northern
  • Roanoke: Hollins Communications Research
  • Roanoke: Roanoke Valley Speech
  • Staunton: Wolfe Speech Therapy Plus
  • Stafford: Fleming Speech Therapy Services
  • Winchester: Winchester Speech Pathologists

Speech-Language Pathology Salaries in Virginia

The Virginia Employment Commission provides the salaries for speech-language pathologists as of 2014. Experienced SLPs earned an average of $89,838 ($42.98 hourly). The median salary among speech-language pathologists was $75,745 ($36.42 hourly).

The Commission also analyzed the median salaries among speech-language pathologists in metropolitan areas that span several states. In contrast to the data shown above, these salaries encompass solely that of SLPs in the Virginia portion of these metropolitan areas:


  • Annual: $80,786
  • Hourly: $38.84


  • Annual: $79,332
  • Hourly: $38.14

Virginia Beach-Norfolk-Newport News:

  • Annual: $77,783
  • Hourly: $37.40

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