Speech-Language Pathology Salary in Utah

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics provides annual salaries and hourly wages for speech-language pathologists in Utah’s major cities as of 2015:

Area name
Annual mean wage
Ogden-Clearfield UT
Provo-Orem UT
Estimate not released
St. George UT
Salt Lake City UT

Exceptional Growth Rates for a Highly Rated Profession

The profession of speech-language pathology received a four-star ranking from Utah’s Department of Workforce Services—the second-highest possible rating. The Department bases this designation on both a strong employment outlook and high wages. In addition to a state wide four-star ranking, both the Salt Lake metro area and Ogden-Clearfield received this high rating.

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The Utah Department of Workforce Services predicts that the number of jobs for speech-language pathologists will increase at a rate 42% higher than the national one. The Department expects that the rate in Utah will be 2.7% a year for the ten-year period ending in 2022. The number of jobs for SLPs will increase even faster in the Ogden-Clearfield metropolitan area at 3.1% during this time frame.

More than half of the 950 speech-language pathologists employed in Utah as of 2014 were located in the Salt Lake Metro area.

A survey of job postings for SLPs as of late August 2016 suggests that employers are having difficulty locating employees for their advertised positions. The Utah Department of Workforce Services identified 41 current job openings for speech-language pathologists as of late August 2016. While most of these jobs were posted in August, many were originally posted as long ago as April 2016 and remain unfilled:

  • Posted in July: 6 unfilled
  • Posted in June: 4 unfilled
  • Posted in May: 2 unfilled
  • Posted in April: 4 unfilled

Types of Jobs for Speech-Language Pathologists in Utah

With the exception of 90 speech-language pathologists who worked for medical and diagnostic labs throughout the country, SLPs in home health care services earned the highest average wage in 2015 according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

In partnership with Infogroup®, the US Department of Labor reported that 332 home health service providers in Utah employed speech-language pathologists in 2016. The greatest numbers of these employers were located in Salt Lake City:

  • Salt Lake City: 74
  • Ogden: 24
  • Orem: 22
  • Layton: 12
  • Draper: 10
  • Sandy: 10
  • West Draper: 10

Additional employers include outpatient clinics such as the ones shown below:

  • Bountiful: Summit Speech Therapy, Inc.
  • Herriman: Browning Speech Therapy, LLC
  • Highland: Timpanogos Speech Clinic
  • Orem: CompleteSpeech
  • Payson: Utah’s Communication Connection
  • Pleasant Grove: Utah Pediatric Speech
  • Salt Lake City: Marcia Stapley, MEd, CCC-SLP
  • Salt Lake City: Wasatch Speech & Language Center

Salaries for Utah’s Speech-Language Pathologists

The median salary among speech-language pathologists in Utah was $67,790 ($32.68 hourly) as of 2015 according to the state’s Department of Workforce Services. The median salary among SLPs was even higher in two metropolitan areas:

Salt Lake Metro:

  • Annual: $72,290
  • Hourly: $34.76

Bear River:

  • Annual: $69,068
  • Hourly: $33.21

Even inexperienced speech-language pathologists earned an average salary of $49,440 ($23.77 hourly) a year in Ogden-Clearfield.

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