Speech-Language Pathology Salary in Rhode Island

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics provides a high level of detail on the annual salaries and hourly wages for speech-language pathologists in the Providence area of 2015:

Area name
Annual mean wage
Providence-Warwick RI-MA

A Growing Field in Rhode Island

The Rhode Island Department of Labor and Training expects the number of jobs for speech-language pathologists to increase by 9.1% between 2014 and 2024—a rate faster than that of occupations on average in the state. This level of growth should result in an average of 161 jobs becoming available each year during the period of these predictions.

Featured Programs:

SLPs in Rhode Island have a number of options available to them ranging from schools to health-care providers. Outpatient clinics that feature the services of speech-language pathologists include:

  • Cranston: CBS Therapy
  • Cranston: ChatterMatters Speech and Language Services, LLC
  • East Greenwich: Sargent Rehabilitation Center
  • Lincoln: Laurie J. Mckinnon, MS
  • Middletown: Crystal Sargent Speech
  • Providence: Jennifer E Lobley
  • Providence: Michele Fava
  • Providnece: Paul W. Austin
  • Providence: Small Steps Therapy

Skilled nursing facilities also require SLPs to provide care for older adults with speech and/or swallowing problems:

  • Cumberland: Seven Hills Rhode Island
  • Johnston: Briarcliffe Manor Nursing Home
  • Pascoag: Jolly Rest Home
  • Pawtucket: A Better Day Assisted Living
  • Pawtucket: Darltington Assisted Living Center
  • Providence: Berkshire Place Nursing Home
  • Warwick: Pawtuxet Village Care & Rehab
  • Woonsocket: Wyndemere Woods

Salaries for SLPs in Rhode Island and Its Major Cities

The median salary among speech-language pathologists in Rhode Island exceeded that nationally by more than 5% in 2015 according to the state’s Department of Labor and Training. In addition, the median salary among Rhode Island’s SLPs was higher than that in most other states in New England including New Hampshire, Vermont, and Maine.

Experienced speech-language pathologists in Rhode Island earned an average salary of $89,544 ($43.05 hourly) as of 2015. The median salary among the state’s SLPs was $77,272 (37.15 hourly).

The Rhode Island Department of Labor and Training also provides comparable salary information for the two largest metropolitan areas in the state:

Providence-Fall River-Warwick:

  • Annual: $77,293 – $91,042
  • Hourly: $37.16 – $43.77

Norwich-New London:

  • Annual: $84,968 – $100,110
  • Hourly: $40.85 – $48.13

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