Speech-Language Pathology Salary in Nevada

Speech-language pathologists in the top 10% in Nevada earned an average salary of $122,574 as of 2016 according to the state’s Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation. SLPs earned an average salary of $81,310 that year. The hourly wages for these categories range from $33.71 to $44.94.

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Salaries for Speech-Language Pathologists in Urban and Rural Nevada

The salaries for SLPs in the Las Vegas area were exceptionally high. For instance, speech-language pathologists in the top 10% in Las Vegas earned an average salary that was more than $17,000 greater than the average for this category in Nevada as a whole:

Las Vegas:

  • Annual: $88,000 – $139,630
  • Hourly: $42.31 – $67.13


  • Annual: $68,450 – $99,008
  • Hourly: $32.91 – $47.60

West Central Counties:

  • Annual: $54,430 – $70,158
  • Hourly: $26.17 – $33.73

Balance of State:

  • Annual: $66,950 – $80,475
  • Hourly: $32.19 – $38.69

Expanding Job Opportunities for Nevada’s SLPs

The Nevada Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation predicts that the number of jobs for speech-language pathologists will increase by 12.6% between 2012 and 2022. The rate of increase will be more than one-third higher in the Reno-Sparks area with an estimated growth rate of 17.2%.

The number of speech-language pathologists who practiced in Nevada in 2015 totaled 730. Fully 70% of these professionals practiced in Las Vegas while another 23% worked in the Reno-Sparks area. Thus, more than 90% of Nevada’s SLPs were located in these two cities.

Since the Las Vegas area has most of Nevada’s speech-language pathologists, the greatest number of jobs that will become available over this ten-year period will be located in this city. Out of a total of 22 new jobs each year on average, 14 should be in Las Vegas.

A Profession that Combines High Pay with Job Satisfaction

Several recent analyses demonstrated the high quality and pay that comes with practicing as a speech-language pathologist. US News & World Report ranked SLP as the 19th best type of health care job to have and noted the “spike” in pay that took place recently. The average salary for speech-language pathologists increased by nearly 7% between 2010 and 2014.

Another promising study was a survey of more than 2 million workers by the salary compensation company The firm asked these employees whether they thought that their work made the world a better place. Forbes reported how placed SLPs among the 25 most meaningful jobs that pay well based on the results of this survey.

While many speech-language pathologists find employment in public and private schools, outpatient clinics are a significant source of jobs in this field. Nevada boasts a number of clinics that feature SLPs:

Las Vegas:

  • A Plus Speech Therapy Services
  • Hope Communication & Feeding Specialists
  • My Left Foot Children’s Therapy
  • SFS Therapies
  • Speech Therapy Associates
  • Speech Therapy Center—Excellence: Gertz Jil M.
  • Talk to Me Therapy, LLC
  • Tandem Therapy Services
  • The Therapy Place—Speech & Language Therapy


  • Advance Speech & Language
  • Leslie L. Goldberg, MS
  • Nevada Speech and Therapy Group
  • SCOPE Clinical
  • Sierra Speech and Language Group
  • Sierra Therapy Group

Salaries for Speech-Language Pathologists in Las Vegas and Reno

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics provides a high level of detail for the salaries of speech-language pathologists in Reno and the Las Vegas area as of 2015:

Area name
Annual mean wage
Las Vegas-Henderson-Paradise NV
Reno NV

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