Speech-Language Pathology Salary in Nebraska

Experienced speech-language pathologists in Nebraska earned an average salary of $73,522 as of 2016 according to the state’s Department of Labor. The median salary among SLPs that year was $61,203. The comparable hourly wages range from $29.42 to $35.34.

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Salaries for Speech-Language Pathologists in Nebraska’s Regions

The Nebraska Department of Labor provides the median salary among speech-language pathologists along with that of experienced professionals in the state’s Economic Development Regions and the metropolitan areas of Grand Island and Lincoln.

Experienced speech-language pathologists in the Panhandle Region earned an exceptionally high salary in 2016:

Central Region:

  • Annual: $68,269 – $74,666
  • Hourly: $32.82 – $35.89

Grand Island Metropolitan Area:

  • Annual: $61,203 – $73,522
  • Hourly: $29.42 – $35.34

Lincoln Metropolitan Area:

  • Annual: $62,331 – $70,370
  • Hourly: $29.97 – $33,83

Mid Plains Region:

  • Annual: $51,873 – $63,892
  • Hourly: $24.94 – $30.72

Northeast Region:

  • Annual: $65,869 – $78,327
  • Hourly: $31.67 – $37.66

Omaha Consortium:

  • Annual: $59,018 – $73,370
  • Hourly: $28.38 – $35.27

Panhandle Region:

  • Annual: $65,216 – $87,529
  • Hourly: $31.36 – $42.08

Sandhills Region:

  • Annual: $50,064 – $57,471
  • Hourly: $24.07 – $27.63

Southeast Region:

  • Annual: $59,437 – $74,106
  • Hourly: $28.58 – $35.63

A Bright Outlook for the Speech-Language Pathology Profession in Nebraska

The state of Nebraska designated the profession of speech-language pathology as having a “bright outlook statewide.” In fact, SLPs made the list of high wage, high demand, and high skill jobs prepared by the Nebraska Department of Labor.

The Department predicts that the number of jobs for speech-language pathologists will increase by nearly 16% between 2012 and 2022. This rate of growth exceeds that for jobs on average in Nebraska by 1.7-fold.

This level of growth should generate an average of 35 jobs a year during the ten-year period of these projections. More than 62% of these jobs should become available in the Omaha Consortium which consists of Cass, Douglas, Saunders, Sarpy, and Washington Counties.

Advocacy To Include SLPs in the Treatment of Nebraska’s Children with ASD

The Nebraska Speech-Language-Hearing Association (NSLHA) strongly suggests following the lead of the US Department of Education and advocating the use of speech-language pathologists in the treatment of children with autism spectrum disorders.

The NSLHA noted the trend in health care policy to use only specialists in applied behavioral analysis (ABA) instead of including SLPs and other professionals in the decisions that affect the evaluation and treatment of these students. The organization strongly recommends that experts in speech-language pathology educate stakeholders about the importance of SLP treatment for students with autism. They should so by contacting decision makers ranging from the state level to school districts and health plans.

Detailed Salary Analysis for Speech-Language Pathologists in Nebraska

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics provides a breakdown of the salaries for speech-language pathologists by percentile in Omaha-Council Bluffs, Lincoln, and three nonmetropolitan areas of Nebraska (2015):

Area name
Annual mean wage
Lincoln NE
Omaha-Council Bluffs NE-IA
Northwest Nebraska nonmetropolitan area
Central Nebraska nonmetropolitan area
Northeast Nebraska nonmetropolitan area

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