Speech-Language Pathology Salary in Missouri

Experienced speech-language pathologists in Missouri whose salaries fell within the 90th percentile earned an average of $98,780 as of 2015 according to the state’s Department of Economic Development. Statewide, the overall average for SLPs that year was $67,370.

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An estimated 3,330 speech-language pathologists were licensed to practice in Missouri as of 2015. More than half of these SLPs were located in the St. Louis metropolitan area. In fact, St. Louis was home to the 9th highest number of licensed SLPs of any city in the country that year according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The Missouri Department of Economic Development expects the number of jobs for SLPs to increase by 8.54% during the ten-year period leading up to 2022. The Department expects the rate of increase in the St. Louis area to be even higher at 9.81%. A total of 849 jobs for speech-language pathologists will open up during this ten-year period. Forty percent of them should be in St. Louis.

In addition to schools, hospitals, nursing homes and other residential care facilities, outpatient clinics provide some of the best opportunities available to speech-language pathologists interested in working with diverse patient populations. Just some of the independent practices and clinics in Missouri include:

  • Blue Springs: Billings Speech Pathology Services
  • Creve Couer: Sensory Solutions
  • Kansas City: Keenan Stump, SLP
  • Kansas City: Sally J. Shubat, MA
  • St. Joseph: Weber Speech Clinic
  • St. Louis: Speech Language Learning Systems
  • St. Louis: The Speech Spot
  • St. Louis: Walker Scottish Rite Clinic

SLP Salary Ranges in Missouri’s Most Populated Counties

The Missouri Department of Economic Development provides the salaries for speech-language pathologists in the 20 most populated counties by referring to the metropolitan or nonmetropolitan statistical area that the counties belong to. The values shown here represent the range from the overall average to the top ten percent for these statistical areas:

St. Louis: $71,280 – $101,690

  • Louis County
  • Charles County
  • Jefferson County
  • Franklin County
  • Lincoln County

Kansas City: $68,610 – $96,580

  • Jackson County
  • Clay County
  • Cass County
  • Platte County

Springfield: $62,610 – $90,800

  • Greene County
  • Christian County

Joplin: $54,900 – $102,840

  • Jasper County
  • Newton County

Columbia: $76,000 – $99,870

  • Boone County

Cape Girardeau: $65,270 – $101,530

  • Cape Girardeau County

Jefferson: $45,220 – $60,110

  • Cole County

Nonmetropolitan Area of Central Missouri: $51,040 – $74,190

  • Johnson County
  • Pulaski County

Nonmetropolitan Area of Southeast Missouri: $61,030 – $100,760

  • Francois County

Detailed Salary Analysis for Speech-Language Pathologists in Missouri

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics provides an analysis of the annual salaries and hourly wages for speech-language pathologists throughout Missouri as of 2015:

Area name
Annual mean wage
Cape Girardeau MO-IL
Columbia MO
Jefferson City MO
Estimate not released
Joplin MO
Estimate not released
Kansas City MO-KS
St. Louis MO-IL
Springfield MO
Central Missouri nonmetropolitan area
North Missouri nonmetropolitan area
Southeast Missouri nonmetropolitan area
Southwest Missouri nonmetropolitan area

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