Speech-Language Pathology Salary in Minnesota

Speech-language pathologists in Minnesota whose salaries were in the top 10 percent earned an average of $103,418 ($49.72 hourly) as of 2016 according to the state’s Department of Employment and Economic Development. SLPs in this category typically possess a high level of experience. On average, speech-language pathologists licensed in Minnesota earned $68,286 ($32.83 hourly) that year.

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Not only do speech-language pathologists in the Twin Cities earn substantially higher salaries than Minnesota’s statewide average, more than 70% of the state’s SLPs practiced in the Seven County Minneapolis-St. Paul area as of 2015. In fact, Minneapolis-St. Paul-Bloomington had the 10th highest number of SLPs of any metropolitan area in the country in 2015 according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development expects the number of jobs for speech-language pathologists to increase by 12.7% between 2014 and 2024. The job growth rate should be even higher in the Seven County Minneapolis-St. Paul and Central Minnesota areas. Fully half of the new jobs expected to open up during this ten-year period should be in the Twin Cities area.

Detailed Salary Analysis for Speech-Language Pathologists Throughout Minnesota

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics provides the hourly wages and annual salaries for speech-language pathologists in Minnesota’s major cities and rural areas as of 2015:

Area name
Annual mean wage
Duluth MN-WI
Minneapolis-St. Paul-Bloomington MN-WI
Rochester MN
St. Cloud MN
Northwest Minnesota nonmetropolitan area
Northeast Minnesota nonmetropolitan area
Southwest Minnesota nonmetropolitan area
Southeast Minnesota nonmetropolitan area

Salaries for Speech-Language Pathologists in Minnesota’s Major Cities

Shown below for comparison are the salary ranges (from the average to the top 10 percent) as published by the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development in 2016. Speech-language pathologists in the Twin Cities earned significantly more than those in other parts of Minnesota:


  • Annual: $62,941 – $81,869
  • Hourly: $30.26 – $39.36


  • Annual: $58,781 – $78,874
  • Hourly: $28.26 – $37.92

Grand Forks:

  • Annual: $58,826 – $75,878
  • Hourly: $27.32 – $36.48

La Crosse:

  • Annual: $50,336 – $75,462
  • Hourly: $24,20 – $36.28

Minneapolis-St. Paul-Bloomington:

  • Annual: $71,573 – $109,408
  • Hourly: $34.41 – $52.60


  • Annual: $67,101 – $84,531
  • Hourly: $32,26 – $40.64

St. Cloud:

  • Annual: $68,806 – $92,477
  • Hourly: $33.08 – $44.46

Respected Clinics Offering SLP Services in Minnesota

In addition to employment in schools, hospitals, nursing homes and other residential care settings, private clinics offer job opportunities for speech-language pathologists. A number of these type of clinics operate across Minnesota:

  • Andover: Family Speech & Therapy Services
  • Duluth: Scottish Rite Language
  • Edina: Family Speech & Therapy Services
  • Edina: Minnesota Voice & Speech Clinic
  • Faibault: Southern Minnesota Speech Pathology
  • Hutchinson: Hutchinson Health Speech Pathology Clinic
  • Inner Grove Heights: Therapy OPS
  • Isanti: Therapy Associates, Inc.
  • Maplewood: Associated Speech and Language Specialists
  • Maplewood: Functional Kids Clinic
  • Maple Grove: Kidspeak
  • Minneapolis: Verbal Design Services, Inc.
  • Minnetonka: Bertone Speech Language & Comm
  • Oakdale: Center for Speech, Language and Learning, Inc.
  • Osseo: Speech and Language Connections
  • Otsego: Family Speech & Therapy Services
  • Plymouth: Associated Speech & Language
  • Plymouth: Minnetonka Pediatric Therapy
  • Shoreview: Associated Speech & Language
  • Paul: ACE Speech and Language Clinic, LLC
  • Paul: Center for Speech, Language and Learning, Inc.
  • Virginia: Essentia Health-Virginia Clinic: Speech & Language Therapy

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