Speech-Language Pathology Salary in Kentucky

Experienced speech-language pathologists in Kentucky earned an average salary of $102,187 ($49.13 hourly) as of 2015 according to the Commonwealth’s Cabinet for Education and Workforce Development. SLPs earned an average salary of $69,856 ($33.59 hourly) that year.

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SLP Salaries in Kentucky by Region

The Cabinet provides salary figures for the major regions in Kentucky. Shown below is the range of salaries from the average to that of the most experienced (70th percentile average):

Kentuckiana Works:

  • Annual: $81,928 – $115,295
  • Hourly: $39.39 – $55.43

Northern Kentucky:

  • Annual: $69,964 – $96,682
  • Hourly: $33.64 – $46.49


  • Annual: $67,758 – $105,079
  • Hourly: $32.58 – $50.52

West Kentucky:

  • Annual: $60,208 – $86,174
  • Hourly: $28.94 – $41.43

The average salary for speech-language pathologists in additional regions of Kentucky is shown below:

  • Louisville: $81,928
  • Bluegrass: $68,694
  • Barren River: $68,141
  • Buffalo Trace & Gateway: $67,704
  • Kentucky River: $66,051
  • Big Sandy: $65,567
  • Fivco: $63,730
  • Purchase: $63,354

Job Growth in Speech-Language Pathology Outpaces the State Average Job Growth Rate

The Kentucky Cabinet for Education and Workforce Development predicts that the number of jobs for speech-language pathologists in the Commonwealth will increase at a rate 1.9 times faster than the state’s overall average job growth rate. The Cabinet expects the number of SLP jobs in the state to increse by 22.7% between 2012 and 2022.

On average, 80 SLP jobs are expected to become available each year during this ten-year period. Sixty percent of these positions will be due to growth in the profession with the remainder coming from the need to replace speech-language pathologists who will leave the field.

The nonmetropolitan area of South Central Kentucky had the 4th highest number of jobs for SLPs of any nonmetropolitan area in the country in 2015 according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. More than 11% of Kentucky’s speech-language pathologists practiced in this area that year.

Private clinics provide opportunities for SLPs to practice in the private sector. A number of clinics in Kentucky feature speech-language pathology services:

  • Crestwood: Chatter Box
  • Florence: NKY Speech Therapy.com
  • Louisville: Associates in Pediatric Therapy
  • Louisville: Shamrock Speech Therapy, LLC
  • Owensboro: Medical Speech Pathology, Inc.
  • Owensboro: Simply Therapy
  • Sheperdsville: Associates in Pediatric Therapy

Salaries for Speech-Language Pathologists in Kentucky’s Major Cities and Its Rural Areas

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics provides a detailed analysis of the salaries for speech-language pathologists throughout Kentucky as of 2015:

Area name
Annual mean wage
Bowling Green KY
Elizabethtown-Fort Knox KY
Lexington-Fayette KY
Louisville/Jefferson County KY-IN
Owensboro KY
West Kentucky nonmetropolitan area
South Central Kentucky nonmetropolitan area
Central Kentucky nonmetropolitan area
East Kentucky nonmetropolitan area

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