Speech-Language Pathology Salary in Hawaii

The Hawaii Department of Labor and Industrial Relations reported that experienced speech-language pathologists in the state earned an average of $81,240 as of 2015. The median salary among SLPs that year was $74,620.

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Speech-language pathologists in Honolulu County earned a median salary that was very similar to that for Hawaii as a whole. The median salary among SLPs in this county was $75,370. This degree of similarity is not surprising, since a large majority of the SLPs in Hawaii practiced in the Honolulu metropolitan area. In fact, 86% of the 440 SLPs who were employed in Hawaii in 2015 were located in Honolulu.

One of the Fastest Growing Professions in Hawaii

Speech-language pathologists made the list of the fastest growing jobs of 2016 prepared by the Hawaii Department of Labor and Industrial Relations. In fact, this profession ranked number 1 on the list of fields that require a master’s degree.

This Department expects the number of jobs for SLPs to increase by 13.1% between 2014 and 2024. The rate of job growth will be slightly higher in the Honolulu metropolitan area at 14.3%.

Twenty jobs should become available for speech-language pathologists each year on average during this ten-year period. Ten of them should be in Honolulu County.

However, the number of jobs advertised on August 9, 2016, exceeded the amount predicted. According to the Hawaii Department of Labor and Industrial Relations, 27 job openings were advertised on that date. Only three candidates were listed as looking for SLP positions, suggesting that demand for these professionals may be even higher than the estimates indicate.

In addition to the opportunities for careers in schools and academic centers, private speech clinics offer avenues for employment. Shown below are a number of the clinics in Honolulu that offer speech therapy services:

  • Brianna Curtright, SLP
  • Harris Therapy Inc.
  • Hawaii SLPs
  • O’Ahu Speech Language Pathology Consultants
  • Partington Behavior Analysis
  • Sounds of Success: Preschool and Learning Center
  • Speech Solutions
  • Sprouts Therapy

Speech-Language Pathology Salaries in Honolulu and Rural Hawaii/Kauai

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics provides a high level of detail on the salaries for speech-language pathologists in the two largest regions of Hawaii (2015):

Area name
Annual mean wage
Urban Honolulu HI
Hawaii / Kauai nonmetropolitan area

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